Something Beautiful

I remember I once wrote a cover letter that wasn’t bland. Of course it highlighted my skills and previous work experience, but that’s boring, something anyone can just spit out. I talked about something beautiful, wanting to create things that were beautiful and I still love how romantic that sounds.

I am not the best artist in the classical sense -I am however-  phenomenal at concepting and delegating tasks to talented people who can execute them. At first this sounds weird or nonsensical, like I’m trying to take credit for others’s art or something. But what I’m describing is exactly what a creative director does because although the artist may hold the specific talent they may need someone like me who has the view of the bigger picture and complete package to make sure it is executed.

The thought of putting in months of work and helping in the creation of something beautiful like Annie Leibovitz’s interpretation of Marie Antoinette’s world in VOGUE is what I aspire to. And probably something madame Marie Antionette, Dauphine of France would have loved herself.


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