Speculation is the Enemy

Speculation is the root of all evil…

Okay well maybe greed has something to do with it too, but let’s face it speculation really is the devil.

Now I live in the US and one of the latest cases of stupidity caused by speculation is the miss informed, bullshit polls taken before the preseidential election. All pointing to Hilary Clinton as the next president of the United States. Spoiler alert, Donald Trump is our democratically elected president!

Pure poison is what is spewed out by news sites with no integrity. There was a time in the US when journalists did their job, i.e. serving and informing the masses. Not just doing things for views, money and retweets. No one can be unbiased that’s impossible, but fuck me most of the media isn’t even trying to be logical or fair.

Journalist have forgotten their duties to the people, which use to be and should still be to inform the public. In the same way doctors and laws enforcement is suppose to help the public.

I mean imagine a world where doctors only helped people who gave them the most money or popularity.


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